Cambridge Wing

November meet also cancelled owing to work and generally people not being around.

Maybe December ...

Cambridge Wing

October meet cancelled - there would have been just two of us.

CAC2016 - doaramas

Well, it finall happened, and this was the result:

Many thanks to all those who brought tugs and helped out, and all the pilots who came along despite a potentially difficult forecast.

A reminder for all those local, I will be restarting monthly social get togethers in the Green Man in Grantchester.  We'll try Wednesdays now.  See the events box.


Live Tracking

A quick reminder that we have a LiveTrack event set up for you all to follow.  The link is

CAC2016 - we are GO

The Cambridge Aerotow Competition will be going ahead this weekend with amended dates! With one solidly good day in a pleasant forecast and only a solitary roll of the dice left we cannot pass this opportunity up.

CAC2016 - penultimate update

We await tomorrow morning's forecast to decide if we go ahead this weekend with Friday as the first day, or Saturday.

Should we go for the latter then there are tugs available for Monday.

The club caravan has been evacuated of rodents and we now have a hot shower.  Luxury.

CAC2016 - another update

It is looking very probable this weekend will finally be it!

Right now we are considering whether we can shift the competition to start on Saturday instead of Friday (which is looking blown out) and hence finish on Monday (which is flyable).  This will only happen if Friday remains blown out and we have sufficient pilots and tug support on the Monday.  To be fair, perhaps we score Monday separately as a "bonus day"?

So, if you are able to adjust holidays at work it may be worth investigating.

CAC2016 - update

This weekend continues to look the best option but we cannot call on just yet.  Apologies for leaving to the last minute (again) but there is a lot of coordination happening behind the scenes as we work with everyone bringing equipment to the competition.

On the present forecast Thursday and Friday are looking blown out, Saturday has some concerns but probably ok, and Sunday is looking really quite good.  There is also the potential of using Monday in some fashion - even if this is only for free flying.

We'll keep you posted.

CAC2016 - standby ...

The forecasts look encouraging for this weekend - but possibly a bit windy on two of the three official days.  We are going to give it one more overnight and decide in the morning when I will post up here and email all ...

Cambridge Wing - August meet

An impromptu Cambridge Wing meet-up will be happening a week on Wednesday in the Green Man in Granchester.  Hope to see as many of you as possible for perhaps one of the last light evening socials.  Gathering from around 6.30pm.

It is also the evening before CAC2016 set-up day so a good opportunity for some of us to make sure everything is in order.


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