CAC2016 - we are GO

The Cambridge Aerotow Competition will be going ahead this weekend with amended dates! With one solidly good day in a pleasant forecast and only a solitary roll of the dice left we cannot pass this opportunity up.

So, it is GO with the following slip of one day:

  • Arrival - Friday 12th August PM (or earlier by arrangement)
  • First day of competition - Saturday 13th August
  • Second day of competition - Sunday 14th August
  • Third day of competition - Monday 15th August

If you had planned to arrive on Thursday as per previously published dates and unable to change then this should still be possible. Please contact myself or Charlie to make arrangements.

The forecast remains blown out up to Friday but then Saturday is looking possible. This is 11mph W at ground level with 15mph consistent above 10m. One of our main runways is this direction so directly down the runway with no upwind turbulence. Should it not be possible to run a competition task then Moyes UK will be around with some demo gliders for some evening flying. Temperature 22C, cloudbase 4000'+, and strong thermals.

The Sunday forecast is for a 7mph N at ground dropping with height so expect some out and return tasks. Directly down our other runway, slightly higher cloudbase around 4500', and 23 degrees in the sun.

For those who are able to make Monday at this late notice we are seeing a steady ESE 9mph, base in excess of 5000', and 24 degrees. We have tugs who can fly. If you are unable to make this day then please drop me a note to help us work out numbers.

I will be around from Friday afternoon to download waypoints to those who require it - please bring along a cable for your GPS if anything other than a micro or mini USB cable.

For those camping, we are currently working on getting the hot shower working.  Hopefully just a couple of batteries needed.

I would encourage everyone to please post up photos / videos / exploits to our Facebook page which we will be also blogging to during the competition.

At the end of the competition if you could drop me an email I would also like to arrange a collection of photos and raw videos to share, perhaps somebody suitably skilled could then also arrange into a compilation video?

Finally, we are on Telegram at, this could be useful for retrieves so please feel free to join / subsequently leave as you wish.

See you all Friday!