CAC2016 - New Dates!

We are again rescheduling the competition to:

        Fri 12th - Sun 14th August

with another backup weekend of:

        Fri 2nd - Sun 4th September

The Thursday before the competition (i.e. Thu 11th) will be available for people to arrive and potentially free fly (we will be getting set up and operations worked out).

CAC2016 - second postponement

The forecast for this weekend is more consistent than it was last week, but unfortunately it is for lots of wind - and a little rain thrown in for good measure.  We think Saturday potentially may be usable - although for an aerotow competition not so.

Given the time we need to arrange tugs and so forth, we will therefore not be having the competition this weekend.

CAC2016 - Watching and waiting

We are again watching the weather for this coming backup weekend.  As before, we are looking to make a call Tuesday / Wednesday and will keep you updated.  Without trying to be pessimistic, it isn't looking great right now though.

CAC2016 - postponed

The forecast has not improved, and we will therefore postpone to the backup dates of next week which are:

CAC 2016 Weather Update

All tug groups are OK with us delaying the decision until this evening in the hope that the forecast for Saturday / Sunday continues to improve. This is on the basis that with Friday being a washout they have more time to sort out logistics and travel for the tugs.
Apologies for these delays - we are trying to give the forecast every opportunity to improve. We will make a decision this evening while the organisers still have some hair left...

CAC2016 - Weather update

Repost from Charlie's comment below ...

The forecast has changed for the weekend, which is causing much agonising, so sorry for the delay in getting this out. The trend is sat/sun are getting better each forecast run. Overall - the front/low is going through Friday clearing early Saturday and Saturday/Sunday could be reasonable.

CAC2016 - Weather update

Charlie will post here shortly, but canning Thu & Fri for sure - uncertain about Sat & Sun as Lasham (Charlie called directly) say improving for Sat and good for Sun.

CAC2016 weather call - update

As you will all be aware, it is not currently looking likely for the competition to take place this weekend.  However, given how much the forecasts have been changing we are leaving it until the last possible moment to decide whether to postpone to next week.  Given the time it takes to sort out the logistics of getting 4 tugs and other equipment to Sutton Meadows from around the country this is tomorrow morning.

We will endeavor to get a decision to everyone around 9am in order for leave / accommodation to be cancelled / moved with some semblance of notice.

CAC2016 weather call

We are looking to make a call on weather this evening (Tuesday 12th) or at the very latest tomorrow morning.  Charlie will be checking with those bringing tugs as to their view later in the day.

If it is decided to postpone, then we will slip it just the one week.  Should that not happen then the event will unfortunately be cancelled.

We will notify people by as many means as practical as to a go-no-go decision.

Weather wise we will be looking for:

Cambridge Telegram Groups

Steve Wood has set up two Telegram groups; these can be found by going to and logging in.

Telegram is a group instant messaging service which has the added advantage of being able to manually send your location.  So, if you land out you can hit the button and it will appear in the feed so others can see where you are.  There are further things that you will be able to do in the future such as link into using hashtags but one step at a time!


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