Nev Almond Kobo / XCSoar Talk

From Nev ...

Invite - Local talk on Kobo/XCsoar

If anyone is interested, I'm doing a talk next week on Thursday (18th Feb) at the Cambridge Gliding Club (Gransden, between Cambridge and Beford), with the thrust of the talk being about low-cost instruments (Kobo's, Bluefly's, XCSoar, etc), covering self-build & usage of XCsoar.

CAC2016 now full

We have reached (actually, slightly exceeded) our capacity for this year's aerotow competition.  The complete pilot list can be seen at and Pending / Yes have confirmed places.

Website back up

For those who may have noticed, this website had been down since at least Sunday morning.  Now back up this was due to a server and database problem at the internet host.  No hacking, just muppetry.

Cambridge Freshers' Fair

Jeremy Soper writes ...

In a bid to increase CUBA membership from 1 to another non-zero integer, we (I) will be exhibiting at the CUSU freshers' fair on 6/7th October 1000-1700, provided Parker's Piece isn't too wet/windy or the weather isn't too flyable, in which case the lure of the skies will triumph. Feel free to drop by and vouch undying support.


Cambridge Wing

Myself, Glen, Neil, and Niall met up (apologies from Rob) in the Green Man in Granchester for the inaugural Cambridge Wing meet and it was a very convivial evening.  Event is up for the second meet up - look forward to seeing more local pilots join us then.

CAC2016 Competition

With a lot of organisation being in place, we have decided rather than cancel outright we will postpone the CAC2015 competition to April. 

i.e. CAC2016 is go!

The new dates are:

    Fri 15th - Sunday 17th April 2016

with a backup weekend in case of bad weather of:

    Fri 22nd - Sunday 24th April 2016

CAC Mini-Comp Results

Results are up, although not too tricky with just four pilots to score.  Awaiting one tracklog but won't affect the results which you can find here:

and tracks:

Notification settings

As the more frantic activity for CAC2015 has now ceased and this site may have more of a club use, you may want to alter your email notification settings.

To do this, log in and click on "My Account" in top right corner.  Then click "Notification Settings" and expand "Subscriptions" at the bottom.  Tick / untick what you are interested in (for example, you may wish to untick Forum notifications).

You can re-enable at any point, and also just log in and click on "Recent" to see what has been happening.

Mini-comp thing Saturday

It is currently on for something tomorrow, whatever we can do. Forecasts will be checked for wind strength later but right now seems ok.

CAC2015 - cancelled

We have come to the conclusion that no matter how hard we squint at all the weather forecasts we cannot be confident that we can get two flyable days.


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