Dunstable 24th, DEC and HAPPY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!

24th December and the wind smack on. 4up thermals and only me flying. although I thought I saw a fat guy in a red suit? Happy Christmas all and tight thermals for 2015!

Sutton Gault Status

The following is the environment agency site where they reportedly update the status of Sutton Gault, so you may (...) be able to tell if it is flooded.

Notifications enabled

You can now opt in to receive a daily email of all posts and comments which will be sent out at 6pm each day.

To do this, click on "My account" and select the "Notification Settings" tab and enable as much or as little as you wish. I suggest enabling everything to start with and then trim back as you see fit.

New users will have full notifications enabled by default.

Whilst in "My account", you may also want to peruse and perhaps set a picture for yourself.

Work in progress

New "Recent" menu added which will show you who has commented on what since you last logged in. Further changes and improvements should follow tomorrow, including an email digest option.

Using this site

Please try and check back daily and add your own contributions to this site. There are a couple of example polls open for you to try out, and the discussion forums are there to use. Also several events you can "sign up" to.

Once in regular use we can then consider email notifications, what permanent pages of content should be added, file downloads etc..

Example news flash!

Pages can be authored with news, like this, which should appear in the "Home" tab.


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